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Body Count

Dead Yeo

Singapore Cabinet Minster Yeo Cheow Tong
Fired from his position as Singapore Minister of Transport

Yeo Cheow Tong, (pictured at left. how he might look in the US), husband of Helen Yeo, leads the body count. He fell into extreme disfavor with the Singapore Government. On Dec. 2, 2002, it was announced that he had been removed from Singapore's People's Action Party (PAP) all powerful Central Executive Committee. This was the beginning of the end for Yeo, which is what happens when a Cabinet Minister and his wife go out on a limb to ban a book that brought attention to a property transaction, that stuck fear into the Yeos. Escape from Paradise did not say what Helen Yeo had done. However, when she threatened to sue us, we exposed her on the web. This eventually led to the Helen Yeo's husband being fired from his position of Singapore Minister of Transport. See what you did, Helen? You destroyed your husband's career (with a little help from us). The latest is that Yeo is being removed from Singapore's parliament.

Yeo's Downward Spiral

The Straits Times (Singapore's Pravda) editorial opinion, published on July 15, 2002 stated, "Unfortunately, Mr Yeo's earlier remark that only 5 per cent of Singaporeans were unemployed, while 95 per cent still had jobs and therefore could afford the small increases in bus and train fares, had conveyed an unnecessarily harsh note."

Criticism by The Straits Times framing a Cabinet Minister's statement as being "an unnecessarily harsh note" is virtually unprecedented. Yeo Cheow Tong's high-handed remark is much like his wife's letter to us. Could his wife's embarrasing action against our book be part of the cause of his problems?

A second blow to Yeo Cheow Tong came when, on August 9, 2002, Singapore's National Day, it was announced that his proposed S$500 million office palace, the Land Transport Authority building was cancelled.

A third blow came on August 18, 2002 when The Straits Times editorial reported that Yeo Cheow Tong blamed the commuters and not equipment failure for the failure of the EZ-LINK cards to work.

In Yeo's ahqua style with lisping, mincing and wimpy words, "Many problems were not related to equipment, but wrong action on the part of the commuters." The Straits Times wrote, blasting Yeo, "This can get patronising."

In October 2002, mincing Yeo was blamed for the failure of the Singapore furniture industry park in Kunshan, seven years after it started operation. What's next for Yeo. Is the KO punch on the way?

In January 2003, dopey Yeo Cheow Tong returned to the news, explaining, "Driverless trains to be more expensive." Sure, let's spend more money to create unemployment.

On March 10, 2003, MediaCorp reported, that Yeo's daughter, Wen Xian, "was recruited by JP Morgan, a leading Wall Street investment bank even before she started her final year at a top American university."

On March 20, 2003, Yeo admitted that JP Morgan received contract for Singapore's Airport Logistics Park. Wen Xian, by the way, works in New York, which makes her a "quitter" in the words of PM Goh.

May 2006, Yeo fired -- prepares to leave Singapore on a long vacation. Maybe we can catch him in America.

Helen Yeo makes the body count, for her firm’s involvement in the "Scam of 69 Holland Road," and for her extra-legal attack on Kinokuniya Books in Singapore to have them remove Escape from Paradise from their shelves. Select Books in Singapore after making a second order of 40 copies of Escape from Paradise, has also removed our book from its shelves.

Helen, now that you have lost your law firm, it is just a matter of time before your official funeral takes place. Here, through the magic of computer graphics, Helen happily joins Jackie Lee Teng Jin, another recent arrival to the Body Count.

In her letter to the authors, Helen Yeo wrote, "Lee Teng Jin was not a client of our firm." Whether Jackie Lee Teng Jin was a client or not, your firm did incorporate Goldplus to purchase his properties. Client or not, Helen, Jackie Lee Teng Jin was an involved party, so don't try to play with words.

Is that a pistol in your pocket?
Through the magic of computer graphics, Helen sits on Jackie Lee Teng Jin's lap. "Is that a pistol you have in your pocket, or do you really like me?

(Don't feel bad, Helen, you're not the only woman who got screwed over by Jackie Lee Teng Jin, even though he may have done it to you by long distance. His list of lady victims is long, and even includes some lady lawyers.

The Yeo's are making a bad name for themselves, and, unfortunately, for Singapore, and not just in Singapore, but all over the world. Hundreds of visitors from dozens of countries visit this website on a daily basis. The Yeo's have become the poster couple for book banning in Singapore?

Helen Yeo & Partners, Helen Yeo's law firm is now defunct. On November 1, 2002, Helen Yeo folded up her law firm and joined Rodyk & Davidson, another Singapore law firm. Helen Yeo's firm collapsed as her partners deserted her. We believe a large part of this was due to the pressure we have put on her for her banning of Escape from Paradise. Early in 2003, Helen lost her key joint venture with the prestegious San Francisco law firm, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe. We believe the bad publicity surrounding Helen's banning of Escape from Paradise, plus the additional facts we made known regarding Helen's involvement in a questionable property transaction alluded to in our book, led to Orrick's decision to withdraw from their joint venture with Helen.

Now, Helen Yeo has been relieved of her position of Managing Partner of Rodyk.

Orrick Rodyk, the joint law venture originally formed by Helen's old firm, Helen Yeo & Partners and San Francisco law firm, Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP, is now dead. Helen brought this deal to Rodyk as part of her dowry for the merger. In January 2003, Orrick pulled out of the deal. Maybe the bad publicity was too much for Orrick to take.

69 Holland Road now known as "Holland Mews" makes the body count as it has now been torn down by its new owner, Goldplus (incorporated by Helen Yeo), which purchased the property from May Chu's father (who falsified the property records?).
The latest news on the property comes from Habitat, now the owner of Goldplus.
Holland Mews wasn't made available for occupancy until March 30, 2006! This is over ten years after the property was purchased by Goldplus. How can you make money keeping a property vacant for ten years? Does this have something to do with the Statute of Limitations? (At left: Happier days—Helen, who looked better then (well, for her), and Yeo Cheow Tong, before his demise, in front of 69 Holland Road [through the magic of computer graphics].) Read about the house in the chapter entitled, The Scam of 69 Holland Road. Helen Yeo had Escape from Paradise ostensibly banned because of this chapter.

Alexander Irvine, former Lord Chancellor of Great Britain, "Derry" has made the Body Count, and here he is, ever alert, even in the casket.
Rest in Peace
In June 2003, Tony Blair swept away 1,400 years of constitutional history in a Cabinet reshuffle which paved the way for the abolition of the office of Lord Chancellor and the creation of a supreme court. This forced Tony Blair's dear friend and mentor, Derry, to resign as Lord Chancellor.

Was Derry Irvine's firing really all about the creation of a supreme court, or was it due to the revelations in Escape from Paradise? Derry, formerly a Queen's Counsel, was recruited by the Chung family immediately after their Hong Kong meeting with former CIA agent, Daniel Arnold. If His Lordship could spend US$97,200 of the British taxpayers’ money for his apartment wallpaper and get away with it, he can survive the Chungs. Or could he? Seems like Queen's Counsel Richard Field, "Dickie," who was Derry's assistant for the Chung affair, later went on to represent the CIA-run Nugen Hand Bank. Hmmm...
Are Derry and Dickie CIA agents, or only CIA operatives? Tony Blair and his wife Cherie both studied under Derry. He was their pupilmaster as they say in quaint old England. Just a thought, but if Derry and Dickie are "affiliated" with the CIA, what about the Blairs? Are they in the CIA? Can this be the explanation of why Blair is Bush's poodle?

X10 Wireless Technology, Inc., the American company of the villain of Escape from Paradise, Chung Hin Chew, declared bankruptcy in October 2003. Our sending a copy of Escape from Paradise to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) paid off, big time.

On learning that X10 had filed with the SEC for an initial public offering (IPO) of $92 million, we sent an advance copy of Escape from Paradise to the SEC. From the book the SEC found out all about Chung Hin Chew, including the fact that our villain had been detained in Brunei by the police for a year. We even received a letter from the SEC thanking us “for sending them the book about Hin Chew Chung.”

Shortly after Escape from Paradise was received by the SEC, X10's $92 million IPO was withdrawn. As a result, X10 was unable to pay its considerable debts, estimated to be as high as $50 million.

The result was that X10 declared bankruptcy after losing a $4.3 million lawsuit in California to Advertising who claimed that X10 failed to pay $564,000 in commissions and stole their proprietary technology and business model.

For more on the demise of X10 Wireless Technology, Inc, visit our page on Chung Hin Chew

The Straits Times threatened to sue us and backed down. Once they backed down, they were toast. After a face-saving inverval of time, The Straits Times effectively withdrew their publication from the Internet by charging S$36 ($6 a month) for a six-month subscription or S$60 ($5 a month) for a 12-month subscription. Who is going to pay anything to read Singapore's propaganda rag, whose writers come straight from Singapore's secret police, the Internal Security Division?

Jackie Lee Teng Jin, May Chu’s father, and Jimmy Lee, her uncle, for the Scam of 69 Holland Road. This affair is now under investigation by the Singapore authorities. Goodie! By Singapore law, Jackie Lee Teng Jin is legally dead, as he hadn't been seen for ten years. Finally, in 2005, he returns to Singapore, a wiser, but poorer man.

Dennis Singham, May Chu’s lawyer, suspended from practice in Singapore, on the trumped-up charge of screwing, literally fucking, one of his clients, a lady named Angela. Did May Chu’s letter to Singapore’s Minister of the Interior grease the skids for Dennis? You bet it did, and that was the real cause of the demise of Dennis Singham. Helen Yeo's law firm, Rodyk, overcharged May Chu, who sued and won the money back! Read about it in the book.

Dennis Singham has resurfaced from the dead. For those who wish to risk it, here is his contact information; he has a modest firm at:

151 Chin Swee Road #03-21
Manhattan House
Singapore 169876
Tel: 62233880
Fax: 62201300

Lovely Yong Whee Choo"Lovely" Yong Whee Choo, former Senior Partner of Rodyk for ignoring May Chu's letter about her lawyer, Rodyk partner Dennis Singham (for which, see above). Ms.Yong Whee Choo retired from the partnership at end 2001 to become a "consultant" to Rodyk with effect from January 1, 2002, shortly after Dennis Singham's suspension. Hmmm... Sorry, we had to slot lovely Ms. Yong into the Body Count, but she should be very happy as she is right under Dennis Singham!

Now "Lovely" Yong Whee Choo has left Rodyk altogether and toils for the law firm of Tan Kim Seng & Partners, located in the dingy Tong Eng Building down on Cecil Street. Her telephone number is +65 62239644 if you need a cheap lawyer.

Koh Tien Hua, Dennis Singham’s assistant, is no longer with Rodyk & Davidson. He's the guy in Escape from Paradise who didn't ask the court for costs, even though May Chu's ex-husband withdrew his case. Whose side was Koh Tien Hua on? It's pretty obvious, isn't it? For a while, Koh worked for the law firm colorfully named, A Ang Seah & Hoe in the dingy International Factors Building on Market Street, ugh! No place for a snazzy-dressing stud muffin. Koh is now making a comeback, having jumped to Harry Elias Partnership -- not enough of a comeback to remove him from our Body Count, however.

"Lovely" Marie-Anne Birken didn't take long to join the Body Count, as she had a deservedly short run (into the ground) with Orrick Rodyk.
Before joining Orrick, "lovely" Marie-Anne Birken was a partner with Clifford Chance’s Singapore office, whom she quit to team up with Helen Yeo. Now we hear that "lovely" Marie-Anne has left Singapore for Tokyo, where she can do good work for some other lucky folks.

Peter Chung, the brother of Hin Chew now joins the Body Count as his company, Chungco Technology, keeps silent on its website, as who the is behind the operation. Peter, his wife Sherry, and new son, Tristan are spending more and more time in the Vietnamese section of Fountain Valley, California to get away from it all. Well, after many trips to Papua New Guinea, and a sighting in Cyprus (by Lynn Chung of all people), anything is possible.

Sad to say that an older Peter Chung has lost his looks, entirely.

Gilbert H. Chong, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Coordinator for the U.S. Naval Base in Singapore. We have it in writing that he would send us full and complete information in response to our FOIA request on Chungco Technology's contract with the U.S. Navy in Singapore. He made his promise on November 9, 1998. We're still waiting for his letter. Gilbert is an "acquaintance" of Peter Chung. Hmmm...

Diana Quek, instrumental in removing US$1.2 million from May Chu’s bank account, has left Citibank, along with her boss, Paul Kwek. Diana and Paul couldn't seem to come up with any information on May Chu's joint bank account with her ex-husband until more than a week after he had absconded with US$1.2 million. From the book, "What was the reason for Diana Quek's inexplicable and unjustifiable delays? Why was I stonewalled by The Citibank Private Bank, and why did they go to the expense of hiring lawyers to deter me?"

Tan Cheng Han, the lawyer for May Chu’s husband, Hin Chew (the Villain), is no longer with the prestigious firm of Drew & Napier. He briefly ran his own practice out of an office in the run-down International Plaza building on Anson Road. He now teaches law, and recently had triplets. That’s karma for you.!

Tan Cheng Han's younger brother, Tan Cheng Yew, is a convicted criminal. Tan Cheng Han went on to become the Dean of Law at the National University of Singapore. UNTIL, Singapore President replaced him with Simon Chesterman, 39. Who is Simon Chesterman? He is the husband of Patricia Tan. Who is Patricia Tan. She is the daughter of Singapore President Tony Tan. Some meritocracy!

Checking on brother Tan Chen Yew, we find:

On April 18, 2011, Tan Cheng Yew, who had been on the run for six years until his 2009 arrest in Germany, was jailed for nine years for criminal breach of trust and cheating involving a total of $4.8 million.

The court record shows that Tan Cheng Yew was in touch with his family while wanted by the authorities. This means that those family members he contacted were "accessories after the fact," if they did not report the incident to the authorities. Is brother Tan Cheng Han an "accessory after the fact?"

Our investigation shows that Tan Cheng Yew's father, Tan Hock Kim, who calls himself Justin, is a resident of Perth, Australia, hence the family house in Perth.

Since Tan Cheng Yew fled to Perth, and stayed in his family's house in Perth, was his father there at the time? Did his father know that Tan Cheng Yew was staying at the family home in Perth? If so, his father, Tan Hock Kim, is certainly an "accessory after the fact."

Why were Tan Cheng Yew's brother and father not investigated by Singapore for their potential crimes?

Later that year he traveled to the U.S. using a fake passport and an assumed name—another crime. Passport and visa fraud are felonies in the US. Since Tan Cheng Yew's forgery had other criminal links, the U.S. penalty is 15 years incarceration. After Tan Cheng Yew has served his nine year sentence in Singapore, he should be extradited to the U.S. and put on trial. (We are collecting additional information on Tan Cheng Yew via the US Freedom of Information Act to help in the effort to keep this guy in the slammer.)

Tan's disappearance then coincided with a string of other lawyers making off with clients' funds, which led to the tightening of accounting procedures for law firms. "

Way to go, Tan bros!

Mabel Lee, May Chu’s mother, was scammed by her husband, Jackie Lee, who cleared his assets out of Singapore during their divorce and disappeared with a lady named Sue Sian. Mabel was subsequently swallowed up by the Jehovah’s Witnesses—an illegal organization in Singapore. (Singapore’s not all bad.) Jackie had some help from the law firm of Helen Yeo & Partners.
Now, at long last, Jackie Lee has returned to Singapore, an older, sicker, and wiser man. He lives on his own in a flat, and is on good terms with Mabel, who lifted his bankruptcy. Together, they tried to sue Jackie's girlfriend, Chung Sue Sian, but she is long gone with the money! They say it takes three generations from wealth to poverty, and Jackie Lee proves the case.

Sally Aw, May Chu’s "Oh Glorious Aunt,” went bust. Sally was the publisher and owner of the Sing Tao Newspaper empire with publications in Hong Kong, Canada, China, and Australia. Her residence was the fabulous Tiger Balm Gardens in Hong Kong. It’s a stretch to include Sally in our body count, as her demise was entirely her own doing, but Escape from Paradise gave her a nudge in the right direction. Now Sally is helping promote the Chinese Hakkas in China.

Christina Dorrett, Hin Chew’s first lawyer, is no longer with Drew & Napier, or even to be found in Singapore. Under a bridge?

Next in Line to Join the Body Count?

RodentRodyk & Davidson, Singapore law firm, with Helen Yeo as a partner, is going to face some real problems--from us. Helen Yeo's last law firm, HelenYeo & Partners, went belly up as partners left. Were they frightened off by The Scam of 69 Holland Road, and the falsified IRAS record.

Helen can surely do the same for Rodyk.

Goh Boon Kok (吴文国), S. P.’s faithful accountant, highly respected Lions Club member, Lions Befrienders Social Service member, and Hwa Chong School Alumni Association Committee 2000 - 2002 auditor. How well did Goh Boon Kok know former CIA agent, Dan Arnold?
Two plus two doesn’t always equal four.

Foo Say Pheng, Senior Officer, of the Insolvency & Public Trustees Office is close to joining the Escape from Paradise Body Count for Lee Teng Jin's escape with the ill-gotten proceeds from the sale of the Holland Road properties.Dan Arnold, former CIA Chief of Station in Thailand and friend to the Chungs for being carelessly exposed by S. P. Chung. What good is an exposed CIA guy? Thanks, S. P.!

S. P. Chung, who is now dissolving all of his Singapore corporations, except the one that owns his many Singapore apartments. Will S. P. be selling his apartments at any price so he can get out of Dodge pronto?

Anamah (aka Ann) Tan, May Chu’s first lawyer, for her make-believe role of being an advocate for women’s rights while doing just the opposite - representing rich men.

Alvin Chia and Janet Tan, for being the nominee strawpeople in Goldplus Investments, the company involved in the Scam of 69 Holland Road. Both Alvin and Janet worked for Helen Yeo at the time. Janet has moved on to another Singapore law firm, but is co-owner with Helen Yeo, in Goldventure Investments. Does that name have a familiar ring, a little like Goldplus? Hmmm.

Choo Han Teck, ex-HelenYeo employee (and Stooge brother look-alike), the judge who ruled against journalists. In Escape from Paradise, he ignored Court Orders, and child support.
An expert on the legality of blowjobs, Choo sentenced one offender to six months in jail and a $2,000 fine for this terrible "crime."
Which one of the
Three Stooges is
Choo Han Teck's
"Hair God?"
Judge Choo Han Teck, who plays a major role in Escape from Paradise, for his legal opinions and expertise on blowjobs.

May Chu Harding aka Lee May Chu, represented by Rodyk, was awarded full custody of her children by Justice Justice Lai Kew Chai. Subsequently Judicial Commissioner Choo Han Teck not only failed to enforce a court order for the disclosure of financial assets against Lee May Chu's ex husband during her divorce. Choo Han Teck also decided not to rule on child support until "a later date" -- which was never. Sole custody and no child support was the result. Consequently, Lee May Chu had to support her children on her own.

As a result, millionaire Chung Hin Chew has never paid a cent to support his two sons. To cover up his dishonesty Choo Han Teck loves to bullshit by making compassionate statements. In another case Choo Han Teck stated, "Your case at once compels the court to apply the law and, at the same time, express a compassion that any human heart must feel for you and your children in your circumstances." What a liar!

On March 25, 2003, The Straits Times reported that Singapore Judge Choo Han Teck sentenced Nasser Salleh, 35, to only five years in prison for beating his wife to death.

Hmmm..., Choo Han Teck was one of the founding partners of HelenYeo & Partners. Was there a connection way back then?

Yes, we know that Choo Han Teck was promoted to the position of High Court Judge in January 2003. This was the reward for Choo Han Teck's ruling that the courts could force journalists to reveal their sources in civil cases, thereby overthrowing the so-called "newspaper rule", a legal practice more than 100 years old exempting newspapers from disclosing their sources.

From Escape from Paradise:

“Choo Han Teck had received a great deal of notoriety in the Singapore press over a case involving oral sex. The Straits Times published an article under the byline, 'Did you know . . . That oral sex, even between consenting adults, is an offense'

The article cited the recent case of a twenty-six year old man, not Chinese, of course, who was jailed for six months and fined S$2,000 by Choo Han Teck for being on the receiving end, so to speak, of a blowjob.”

Choo Han Teck's incompetence surfaces again. July 9, 2009 - Singapore Straits Times.

Choo Han Teck's decision reversed on appeal

A 47-YEAR-OLD man, who was initially cleared of raping a mentally disabled teenager, was on Wednesday convicted of the offence after the Court of Appeal overturned the lower court's decision.

Last August, the High Court had acquitted Gansean Rengasamy of rape, saying there was not enough evidence to show that he had sex with the 15-year-old against her will.

On Wednesday, the three-judge court, comprising Chief Justice Chan Sek Keong and Judges of Appeal Andrew Phang and V.K. Rajah, disagreed. Delivering the decision, Justice Rajah said the facts of the case - contrary to the trial judge's view - all pointed compellingly to the conclusion that the teenager had not consented to having sex.

The girl has an intelligence quotient (IQ) of 44 and is considered moderately mentally retarded. Normal IQs are between 90 and 110. She testified during the trial last year that Gansean had accosted her at her block of flats in the Jurong area as she was walking home.

She said he had grabbed her arm, pulled her to a nearby staircase and raped her. Three passers-by saw the girl struggling while being held by Gansean and detained him until the police came.

However, Gansean, a former airport worker, denied having sex with the girl. He claimed he was sniffing glue at the block when the teenager came up to pester him for $10.

He claimed he ran away when the passers-by chased him because he thought they were police officers trying to catch him for glue-sniffing.

High Court judge Choo Han Teck found that sexual intercourse had taken place between the pair. But he found that the girl's testimony was 'weak and inconclusive', and that there was insufficient evidence to prove that the sex was non-consensual.

Gansean was instead convicted on a lesser charge of having sex with a girl below the age of 16. He was sentenced to four years' jail. Prosecutors appealed, arguing that the girl did not consent to sex. Gansean also appealed.

On Wednesday, his appeal was thrown out. The appeal judges agreed with the prosecution that the teenager had been sexually assaulted. Justice Rajah said the girl was consistent in her description of the assault. Her account was also consistent with that of one of the passers-by, who saw her trying to push Gansean away. Gansean will be sentenced at a later date. He faces up to 20 years' jail and caning.

April 8, 2012 Update: Justice Choo Han Teck's dishonest antics still continue. He was hearing the appeal of the hit and run killer driver Ms. Lim Hong Eng.

Lim Hong Eng
Ms. Lim is one of Singapore's elite; she is the Executive Editor of the Shin Ming Daily News. As with all mass media publications in Singapore, Editor positions are only given to politically connected and pliant supporters of Singapore's ruling Peoples Action Party (PAP).

Ms Lim had been sentenced to a jail term of 1 1/2 years by a lower court for negligently driving while using her hand phone, and subsequently running a red light and striking a motorcyclist and his passenger. The passenger died, while the motorcyclist suffered serious injuries.

This was indeed a very light sentence for killing someone.

On appeal, Justice Choo decided to uphold the lower court's conviction, but to reduce the sentence. Ms. Lim's lawyer suggested a "high fine", instead of jail time. Justice Choo readily agreed and changed the sentence to 1 day's jail and a fine totaling $12,000 over the vehicular homicide.

It was only discovered later by the prosecutor that on the charge of which a $10,000 fine had been levied, the statute in that particular law had no provisions for a fine, it only had provisions for a jail term.

Justice Choo had no choice but to remove the $10,000 fine. However, he did not substitute that with any added jail time, claiming that "in the circumstances, it will not be right to increase the custodial sentence to the detriment of the accused." And he added that this was a one off case and not to be used as a sentencing precedent.

The end result is that Ms. Lim was jailed for only one day and fined $2,000, an absurdly light sentence for homicide through negligence.

Ms. Lim was given credit for the time she spent in court as jail time, and served no time.

Lovely Yong Whee Choo

Helen, is this defamatory?

Yeo Cheow Tong
Yeo Cheow Tong, Singapore Transport Minister, husband of Helen Yeo, wants to raise Singapore school bus fares. (In Arizona school buses are free even for non-US citizens!)